Staqpesa, is a cloud-based savings/investment group accounting software as a service (SaaS) platform

We know you will love our integrated and transparent solution just fit for your savings/investment group, micro-finance or SACCO. Staqpesa is enabling the growth and sustainability of these entities across Africa.

  • 1
    Effective Monitoring & Control

    Monitoring and control is seamless with the tools and configurations available to staqpesa certified businesses.

  • 2
    Standardized Account & Reporting

    All accounts, reports and analysis on staqpesa are standardized to simplify the learning curve on the platform.

  • 3
    Enforce Internal Policies & Control

    Each institution and/or table-banking group has its own rule and policies. This include interests, contributions, loaning and repayment period. Staqpesa is set up to fit all scenarios.

  • 4
    Effectively Manage Loan Application Processes

    Managing your loaning processes is important. Staqpesa's policy building tools enable effective processes.